Clinic Manager / Nurse Manager

Clinic Manager / Nurse Manager

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Under the supervision of the COO, manages all administrative systems at the site, including patient and paper flow. Oversees the day-to-day operations of the clinic as related to patients, staff members and the facility; including personnel work schedules; and collects and approves time cards. Submits reports and ensures compliance with performance standards, follows and implements policies, protocols and procedures.



Administrative Functions:


  1. Meet corporate performance standards and enforce corporate policies and procedures.


  1. Follows the direction of the Chief Clinical Officer regarding medical policies and procedures.


  1. Set expectations in full detail, provide feedback in “real time,” and maintain individual accountability of staff members through performance reviews, outcome measuring and the development of their improvement plans.


  1. Train staff as necessary.


  1. Evaluate provider support staff and administrative employees in accordance with policies.


  1. Report inappropriate behavior and misconduct of other staff members.


  1. Recommends hiring and termination of employees.


  1. Attend meetings as required and participate on committees as directed.


  1. Hold monthly staff meetings and maintain agendas and minutes for all meetings.


  1. Submits a monthly TQM report with goals and plans for areas of improvement.


  1. Maintain control system to ensure that all medical records are complete, accurate and timely including patient’s receipts, case collections, and all daily logs.


  1. Oversee the cash collection process and submittal in accordance with policies and procedures.


  1. Maintain Clinic “Audit Ready” at all times.


  1. Investigate, resolve, and report patient, provider or staff complaint.


  1. Be present at the clinic during all operating hours, especially as it relates to the critical opening and closing times.


  1. Resolve operating issues and problems.


  1. Support all administrative and support staff.


  1. Other related duties and tasks as assigned.


Staff Supervision:


  1. Responsible for collection and approval of time cards and benefit requests for staff under his/her supervision. Facilitates processing of payroll by submitting time cards and benefit requests to the Accounting Department in the time frame prescribed by Borrego Health Policy and the needs of the Department.


  1. Provides staff training as necessary and ensures compliance with new employee and annual training requirements.


  1. Evaluates staff performance either directly or in collaboration with co-management.


  1. Conducts employee corrective action, improvement plans, provides guidance and conducts annual evaluations.


  1. Responsible for ensuring staff compliance with all Borrego Health policies and procedures, and all applicable laws and regulations, including HIPAA and OSHA.


Summary: Nurse Manager

The Nurse Manager is responsible for the leadership, direction, and clinical supervision of the nursing and laboratory staff of the assigned clinics. He/she coordinates and facilitates health care services for the patient including the provision of direct patient care. The Nurse Manager is accountable for both the provision of nursing care and the coordination of care for the patient in collaboration with the health care team. The Nurse Manager carries primary responsibility for the daily operations of the clinical staff, including personnel matters such as training, staffing, disciplinary actions and performance evaluations. He/she is responsible for regulatory compliance related to clinical services. The Nurse Manager provides clinical supervision of health education and specialty referral functions.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


Administrative Functions:


1.Directs nursing services in compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Participates in the hiring, coaching, development, discipline and firing (when necessary) of clinical personnel


2.Works with the site manager to ensure the accreditation of the assigned health center is maintained by ensuring that all regulatory requirements are adhered to


3.Provides direct patient care including functions of triage, acts on standing orders, participates in clinic emergencies and performs clinical interventions as appropriate


4.Ensures clinical staff is providing quality and appropriate patient care that meets or exceeds company and regulatory standards. Establishes and or interprets standards of care for nursing practice. Facilitates efficient operations by providing direction, guidance and counseling to staff


5.Evaluates quality of patient care, identifies areas for improvement and ways in which to implement 



6.Is responsible for assuring patient service needs are met. Addresses patient satisfaction feedback and works with the medical providers in the resolution of service issues.


7.Is responsible for day to day clinical staff scheduling and coverage


8.Provides training for all staff in areas of patient care, infection control techniques, continuity of care, clinical procedures and others as appropriate. Conducts skills assessments and/or competencies of all new staff and annually as appropriate. Ensures that in-services are conducted to contribute to an environment of continued education/learning. Keeps staff informed of current information regarding changes in clinical practice or services


9.Provides direction in the use of medical equipment and instruments to administer patient care. Ensures that appropriate preventive maintenance is provided


10.Ensures that appropriate infection control procedures are followed, including instrument sterilization and disposal of infectious waste


11.Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements for storage and handling of vaccines and 

medications for clinic use, sample medications, and emergency medications and vaccine storage and handling. Addresses any action plans as recommended and implements appropriate changes.


12.Maintains adequate inventory of clinical supplies for appropriate patient care. Oversees the ordering of supplies, medications and vaccines


13.Is accountable for accurate documentation of continuity of care. Has the supervisory responsibility and accountability for the proper charting and documentation of care and of medications and treatments


14.Establishes and directs the maintenance of records pertinent to permanent statistics of patient care and personnel management as required


15.Oversees functions of case management to include documentation of follow-up activities for abnormal diagnostics, failed appointments, medication refills and other cases as identified by the providers


16.Participates in the development of department policies and protocols to ensure uniform delivery of services and promotes quality assurance. Requires adherence to all policies and procedures, including but not limited to standards for safety, attendance, punctuality and personal appearance


17.Oversees the functions of laboratory services including monitoring of equipment use and maintenance, lab specimen collection and handling, reporting process and performance of CLIA waived testing.  This includes all required documentation and patient care logs


18.Works closely with the Site Manager to ensure timely and appropriate scheduling of specialty referrals


19.Participates in activities related to chronic disease management, including but not limited to systems of data collection and reporting as well as continuity of care activities.


20.Supports and promotes a positive role model and image with staff, patients, managers, providers and administration


21.Ensures oversight of temperature control of vaccines and appropriate notification of temperature excursions as needed. Nurse Manager has primary responsibility for any after-hours temperature excursions and notification to supervisors and Immunization Coordinator in a timely manner.


22.Participates with Quality and other departments in developing new workflows and leading pilot programs for LEAN change development and improved delivery of medical and nursing services.


23.Participates in workgroups to develop change improvement processes for implementation throughout the organization.


24.Maintains proficiency with Borrego Health computer programs including but not limited to EHS, I2I, and other modalities.


25.Other duties as assigned




Minimum Qualifications: 


1.Valid and current CA RN License

2.Prefer experience in nursing management and program development




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