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    Updated NCQA PCMH Standards and Annual Reporting Requirements Available

    NCQA updates Recognition publications periodically to clarify guidance, revise resources and refine criteria expectations. Updates are now available for the PCMH standards and Annual Reporting publications. Q-PASS access to the 2022 Annual Reporting requirements will be available in the fall.

    To download the publications, go to the My Downloads section of My NCQA. Log in using your email address and password. If you have not previously downloaded NCQA publications, refer to the table below for quick access. For your convenience, I have attached Version 7 of the PCMH Standards and the PCMH Annual Reporting Requirements (Period 2022) in this post.

    Publication by Program:

    PCMH Standards and Guidelines (Version 7)
    PCMH Annual Reporting (Period 2022)
    Distinction in Behavioral Health Integration Annual Reporting (2022)

    Notable Changes

    Practices will be required to report on measures in a more structured way starting in January 2022. This new feature is expounded upon in Appendix 5 and includes a list of supported measures.
    Effective July 1, the PCMH Standards and Guidelines and PCSP Standards and Guidelines publications are priced at $100 in the NCQA Store for purchase by new customers. Customers with prior access to either publication will retain their access and can download the July 1 update via My NCQA at no charge. Contact NCQA Customer Support via My NCQA for assistance.

    An updates table summarizing publication changes is available in the FAQ section of ncqa.org. Click here for the PCMH FAQ.

    Updates to PCMHTransforming standards go into effect for all enrolled and Recognized practices on January 1, 2022. Standards are packaged with the previous version (PCMH Version 6.1) of the publication and are in effect until December 31, 2021.

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